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Opening hours

Opening hours

opening hours



Exhibition Hall







*Every Monday and Chinese New Year eve are closed. If Monday is a holiday or deferred holiday, then it is opened.
*Monday is opened during summer and winter breaks.


Program Schedule

Exhibition Hall


Group members larger than 20 can reserve via internet. Each section is limited to 140 peoples.

No reservation.

Program schedule (each one~40 min)
Programs in detail
(First and 7th sections are closed, except there are more than 20 peoples or winter and summer breaks. )
 1st section 09:30
 2nd section 10:30
 3rd section 11:30  
 4th section 13:30  
 5th section 14:30
 6th section 15:30
 7th section 16:30
Saturday night
 8th section 18:00
 9th section 19:00

  1. There are 140 seats in the theatre. These seats are not reserved.
  2. It would be close, if the instrument is out of order.
  3. Taking picture is forbidden.
  4. No food. Please keep quit in the theatre.
  5. If you feel uncomfortable, you have to consider whether watching the program or not.

Guided tours (~40 min)
1st section 09:30(reservation only)
2nd section 10:30(reservation only & scheduled tour)
3rd section 13:30(reservation only)
4th section 14:30(reservation only & scheduled tour)
5th 15:30(reservation only)
There are 2 guided tours every day, if there are more than 6 peoples participating the tour.
There will be an extra guided tour on weekend at 15:40.

Guided tours
1st section 10:00、10:30
2nd section11:00、11:30
3rd section 14:00、14:30
4th section 15:00、15:30

Observing at night
Telescope Observations at Saturday night: 19:00-20:30
Star Gazing Program: 20:00-20:30

space Odyssey experience (ticket needed, each program ~7-8 min)
1st section 09:30、09:40、09:50
2nd section 10:30、10:40、10:50
3rd section 11:30、11:40、11:50
4th 13:30、13:40、13:50
5th 14:30、14:40、14:50
6th 15:30、15:40、15:50
7th 16:30、16:40、16:50

  1. Take spaceship and simulate space travel.
  2. It is limited to 6 peoples.
  3. If you want to join the program, you have to buy exhibition hall ticket.